App Prototyping: Types, Examples & Usages

This great looking dashboard calendar wireframe by Bix Bytes Design Lab fits the audience of big software development, HR or sales teams, and displays the right kind of data for every purpose. From messaging to tracking deals or importing contacts and scheduling calls – this basic structure of the dashboard will let sales teams spend less time on routine reporting and workflow. Get inspired by this incredibly crisp and fresh wireframe for brand images and brand guidelines by Piotr Kaźmierczak. This type of database contains a large amount of brand assets and enables users to search and locate the required graphics faster. Project development is vital for engineering teams, and this wireframe offers establishing effective and productive workflow within an engineering department. Slick and clean goods gallery is easy to scroll or view in detail.

Agile offshore development is one of the most powerful approaches for developing high-quality projects. Here are the benefits and challenges of implementing this methodology within the outsourcing team. SkyGuru is a one-of-its-kind application that helps travelers with flight anxiety feel safer and calmer on board. The app catches all the sounds you may hear while in the sky and explains to the users what’s going with your aircraft right now. Take a look at our recent startup projects, which are innovative but created with human needs in mind. It also gives you the chance to test its general and enhanced functionality, like navigating from page to page and interacting with the various features.

Determine your website wireframe size.

With ready-made libraries for material design, iOS, Android, wireframing, Windows, and more, Fluid UI gives you so much to get started with. Justinmind comes with UI libraries and templates, as well as many other practical features. It lets you create the logic for conditional navigation, allows for user testing, facilitates design team management, and more. There’s also a number of integrations that let you use Justinmind with Sketch, Adobe Suite, Azure DevOps Server, and Jira in your workflow. From UI design to UX design, Adobe XD covers all the tools a designer needs from conceptualization through high-resolution prototypes. And they’re continually adding to this product with monthly updates that expand its functionality.

website prototype example

Research and draw your idea on paper to keep things simple; any mistake on this stage wouldn’t be critical. In your design process, non-effective features will gradually be revealed and you will be able to eliminate them before production begins. High-fidelity wireframes look impressive, they render a final view of the product as it is, in full scale and capacity. Advanced high fidelity wireframes do not have „lorem ipsum“ text or grey blocks; instead, they are colorful and contain all fonts, colors and branding elements of the final design. The wireframes in this list are used to sketch out the content, functionality and information architecture of a website already built. They help you visualize how this site can look and behave on a page-by-page basis.

How to Design Sections of the Website Prototype

This site would be geared towards desktop and mobile users, and has a cart where buyers can checkout after adding Subscriptions to it. Instead, there is a ‚Prices and Offers‘ section on the top left corner which enables users to find items. Visitors should be able to view the product in detail before adding the product to their cart. Once visitors add the product to the cart, they will be able to review all the details about the product, select a payment method and make a purchase.

website prototype example

Layouts and features such as menus and buttons are mapped out to assess the overall experience of the end user. Give Artonic a call or email us if you’re interested in website design, development, or marketing. The prototype is tested and refined until the user’s experience is optimized. If you find yourself thinking about how much you hate the look of the prototype, well, we agree! And if you’re ready to try out a customer feedback software, Usersnap offers a free trial.

Wireframe Examples

What are the specific goals, time frames, and limitations involved with the product you’re working with. Knowing where you’re going is the most important part – we’re just explaining the different routes to get there. To better understand their audience, most designers and product teams often spend time doing user and market research before starting to design their project.

  • There are many interactive wireframe tools that can help you demonstrate your user experience flow before committing to your graphics.
  • That’s why I can recommend this article to you where you will get a good overview of tools.
  • The red palette immediately draws attention to this healthcare application wireframe.
  • Miro’s visual collaboration platform is the perfect canvas to create and share with your team.
  • This tool is equipped with a plethora of top-notch features that make it edge other same purpose software.

Custom web agencies build websites in a specific way to ensure the end product is not only beautifulbut functions the way it should. Like many custom web design agencies, Artonic uses interactive prototyping software to create a website prototype. Once the prototype is created and approved, a graphic designer creates a website design and uses the website prototype as a model. The following image shows the design created from the prototype above.

Inspirational designs,

Fayrix is right here to support your project growth with our full-cycle development services for startups. An earlier mistake is always a cheaper mistake, so it is always better to suggest several poor prototypes than build one technically lame product. The mockup process can take time, so what are the benefits of prototyping in the end?

website prototype example

Prototypes must be understandable to users, testable, and changeable. A wireframe is a digital summary of your future website content in the form monochromatic or minimalistic design. Used both for mobile Android or iOS applications, desktop software or custom dashboards, wireframes can be an integral part of the software development process.

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Let’s compare the use cases of different prototype types to find a perfect match. Explore even more templates, widgets, and plugins—all built by the Figma community. prototype of a website Problem statement Identify a current issue and develop workable solutions.Other templates from the community Pick up every tool you need for your next big idea.

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