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How to buy bitcoin reddit

My BTC target is 0.15 BTC and Eth Target is around 2.5 ETH. Im also tempted to take the hit on the tokens that are down and just put them into BTC/ETH. Even the market cap of Algo also just set a new bear market low.

Coinbase/Kraken/Gemini/, I don’t know the difference and the flood of options is causing choice paralysis. While Bitcoin is up 8.8% in 90 days, Algorand is down 42.5%. Only Filecoin has performed worse over a 90 day period, but Filecoin is a terrible project with almost 100% inflation every year and it was marked as a security by the SEC. I need access to my crypto when i buy it not ten days later not even two days later. If anyone knows a pain-free way to buy 1.5 bitcoins please let me know, the amount of headache that this has caused is just not worth it.

Over time I’ve realised the only options are either BTC or ETH

As pretty much most of you know he made a deal with another user that he would order him 2 pizzas in exchange for 10,000 BTC and the rest is history. So basically the FED has made it possible and financed for Tether to buy more Bitcoin. Over the last months I have been buying both BTC/ ETH on payday.

So even if you factor in the inflation of the token since all time high, the project is bleeding money. Hi everyone, let’s start with this, i have around 15.000$, how much bitcoin should i buy, would be better if i’ll buy half of amount first? I’m not new but i hesitating about it’s diversification, please suggest me something. I finally decided to buy BTC this week and put $300 CAD into a Bitcoin Depot ATM to break the ice and finally put stake in crypto. The ATM said there was a $3 service fee plus 5-9% (I can’t remember the exact amount).

Is there a web browser extension or app to pay for services like Carvana, McDonald’s , Amazon, etc in BTC ?

I was fine with the fee just to get started but when the BTC was deposited I was shocked to see the final amount was equivalent to $236 CAD. I feel cheated that there were hidden fees they didn’t tell me about. I thought the idea behind crypto was to cut out the middleman but it seems worse than banks from what I’ve seen. Recently we have got the quarterly report by Tether, which was also made by an independent auditor, giving it more reliability as Tether itself is not exactly that well trusted.

How to buy bitcoin reddit

The money has been gone from my account for many days now but binance keeps telling me i have to wait 10 days. Need some other exchange for faster deposits and use of my crypto. If I wanted to buy some Bitcoin without the risk of not being able How to buy bitcoin reddit to pull it out of an exchange, what exchange should I use? Coinbase was usually how I bought in the past, but things look very uncertain with them. I think the price will go back up eventually, and I want to buy some while it’s falling.

The oldest known #Bitcoin price chart, taken at $0.03 cents, exactly 13 years ago 1,000 $BTC cost $30 🤯

After searching everywhere to see how people were buying bitcoin and which were the best exchanges I stumbled across a video on Youtube about using Gemini and AWS to lower the fees to 0,1%. I’m currently using Wealthsimple because it’s what I know. But I’m not actually holding coins, they’re bought like stocks and the fees and spread is awful and I don’t make or lose money no matter what happens. Which company will allow me to use my crypto the fastest after a debit or credit card transaction that goes through on my end instantly.

  • Let me know what the best way to go about this would be, or any alternative methods to ensure I can keep access to my keys.
  • I just wanted to share because this is something that might be worth to look in to, if you want to pay the least amount of money in fees.
  • In the end, I would like to hold bitcoin in a cold storage wallet, but everything I’ve seen seems to suggest that the only way to get there is to buy via a CEX then transfer it out of the exchange.
  • I have all my crypto on my Binance account right now and I understand that I’ll have to pay a fee to transfer each crypto into the wallet (which I’m okay with for this time).
  • I can’t for the life of me figure out which platform to use to buy / trade crypto.

It is obviously always fun to look at how well or not so well certain groups of investors are doing like whales, but I think it is even more fun to look at how well we are doing ourselves. If I had to guess what kind of a Bitcoin holder group most of this sub consists of, I would very likely be thinking into shrimps and planktons. As some of you might have seen, a dormant address containing 1000 BTC was recently activated after 12 years of inactivity. This is interesting enough, but when I looked up the 400 BTC transaction, I noticed the transaction fee.

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My biggest concern is that I’d buy it and then I’m unable to transfer it out or sell it because the exchanges are panicking. Let me know what the best way to go about this would be, or any alternative methods to ensure I can keep access to my keys. If you are already using Gemini active trader or Coinbase pro the fee difference is not a lot, but at least for me is worthwile in the long run. For reference I make weekly purchaces of 20€, and I pay 0,02€ in fees. I am fully aware that CEX is for dummies, especially now that a different one seems to implode each week.

I follow so called crypto experts that recommend their platform of choice and they don’t pass the test either. I can’t for the life of me figure out which platform to use to buy / trade crypto. And no those are not just some funny animal descriptions, but actually how many analysis refer to those groups. Shrimps are said to be the group holding 0.1 BTC to 1 BTC, anything under that is unofficially referred to as the planktons, though many just say holding any amount under 1 BTC makes you a Shrimp.

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